What we Offer!

We are a law firm that ensures all of your affairs are handled in an honest and transparent manner. We offer a premium, North American level of service and execution. 

Our firm is Bilingual in English or Spanish, your choice. 

The days of driving in traffic, parking, finding your lawyers office, waiting to see your lawyer with the billable hour meter running the whole time is a dated business model.

We come to you, you don’t come to us. Our initial consult is always free, we need to completely understand your needs and tailor a solution specifically for you at no cost!

We walk you through all stages of what is required to address your needs and all of the real and potential costs associated. 

Panama Immigration Services, Visas, Corporations, Foundations and Wills are among the most sought after services we provide.

We offer additional services such as real estate negotiations, criminal law, family law, banking set-up and vehicle license renewals.

We have a team of lawyers with specific skills to handle your needs for any legal work you require. 

We have a second house in David Panama for our clients to rent as needed at a very reasonable price per day/week/month to help make your coming and going to Panama less stressful.

On a final note, when you are navigating a new country you don’t just need a competent lawyer you need a “fixer”, someone who knows how to get things done who has deep government and personal contacts to expedite processes and make your life easier. Grethel Gonzalez is as great of a lawyer as she is a fixer.